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The Funky Chickens

It all began during gym class in third grade where the members of The Funky Chickens were forced to do the now infamous dance. They then began an album with Funky Chicken covers songs for every genre. Primarily a hardcore metal band, The Funky Chickens got their breakout hit with their death metal version of the chicken song. Skeptics say their reign at the top is short lived, being that they only know how to play this one annoying song. However, their popularity continues to rise.
Wherever there are drunk people, a funky chicken dance is undoubtedly about to break out.

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The Electric Sliders

Currently, the group is working on their self-produced album entitled "The Colonel's Best". Due to be out in October of 2006, the band is anticipating a ground-breaking influence on the music industry.

Who are the Funky Chickens?
Wingy McDermott: vocals/rhythm guitar
Leggo Jonesipher: lead guitar
Bresta Davis: percussion/backup vocals